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2015-08-23added indicator to show, if the claim button is hard to find
if message is shown and you can't find the claim button, try to press enter at captcha solution oder address input (please give me some time to check the faucets and add the "hard" flag)
2015-08-22removed dash faucets
2015-06-22added faucet list
added information about captcha type and possible waiting time
not all faucet details updated yet
added report button to tell me if something is wrong with a faucet
2015-06-17removed faucets which are not BTC, LTC, PPC, DASH or DOGE (because low demand)
ref system completed
2015-06-15support system added
2015-06-06you can now refer users
you can see how many of them are active
at the moment no ref-payout, but will be implemented soon
added one more sorting-order (check on account page)
2015-06-05added possibility to select sorting order of faucets
removed 'skip of faucet'
support of 'frambreaker-faucets' added
2015-06-01added new faucets
rewrote faucet rotator script
added 'faucets remaining' counter to top
2015-05-25list of 'admin-disabled' faucets avaiable
2015-05-24news system added
you can re-enabled your disabled faucets now
added new faucets
2015-05-22added payment cycle information in top bar
2015-05-08faucetbot started